What’s in your pack? 5 things I take on every hike.

What I carry from hike to hike varies sometimes more sometimes less depending on the trail but for this post I'm going to list the 5 items I will have on me not matter the distance or location of a hike.   1. Water, water, water: No matter day, time, location or weather, I always... Continue Reading →

Solo Hiking & Van Camping; My Adventure in pictures.

I worked up the nerve to plan a trip and cross 3 things of my 2019 list. Do a solo hike Camp in a National Park Camp in a minivan #vanlife   I chose  Death Valley it was a National Park within a few hours from home and I had never been First stop Furnace... Continue Reading →

Rocky Peak Hiking Trail

    Location: Simi Valley, Ca Distance: 5.5 miles Difficulty: Easy/Moderate           This was a last minute excursion thanks to Instagram. I came across this hike while scrolling through my stream, another hiker I follow posted pics of this very pretty hike so I googled mapped it, found out it wasn't... Continue Reading →

1st Day Hike: Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail

Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA Distance: 9 miles Difficulty: Moderate This is my 2nd year doing this Red Rock Canyon 1st Day Hike. The trail is the Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail. I rated it moderate because the trail itself overall isn't difficult. The first few miles are real workout for the quads and hamstrings, the... Continue Reading →

Vasquez Rocks

Location: Vasquez Rocks Distance: 3.5 miles "When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength."     ~Maria Montessori   Usually in our household Sundays are for hiking but exceptions are made for group hikes. I was fortunate to find a group hike at Vasquez Rocks hosted by the facebook group Hiking With... Continue Reading →

Big Horn Mine

Location: Valyermo, CA Distance: 4 miles out-and-back "I like mountains because they make me feel small,' Jeff says, "They help me sort out what's important in life." ~Mark Obmascik- Halfway to Heaven Me and the girls have given up our quest for waterfalls until the spring. So I thought an old mine in the side... Continue Reading →

Fossil Falls

Location: Lone Pine, CA Distance: 0.5 miles out and back "Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves." -Stephen Moss   Even though this trail is really short only 1/2 mile from the parking to the "falls", you can easily get in a couple miles of exploring... Continue Reading →

Bonita Falls Trail

Location:  Lyte Creek, California Distance: 1.5 mile out and back trail   “The earth has music for those who listen”       Living in the desert any trail or hike that includes water in some way is an exciting for the girls and I, don’t get me wrong we love the desert and the … Continue reading Bonita Falls Trail

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