Living the dream

At what age do we decide it's not okay to dream To live outside the box, chase passion, be creative, live as we deem. When did our dreams individually become "The Dream" we should strive for collectively. Accepting that the key to live successfully resides within a well oiled machine. Packaged up neatly complete with... Continue Reading →

Rocky Peak Hiking Trail

    Location: Simi Valley, Ca Distance: 5.5 miles Difficulty: Easy/Moderate           This was a last minute excursion thanks to Instagram. I came across this hike while scrolling through my stream, another hiker I follow posted pics of this very pretty hike so I googled mapped it, found out it wasn't... Continue Reading →

1st Day Hike: Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail

Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA Distance: 9 miles Difficulty: Moderate This is my 2nd year doing this Red Rock Canyon 1st Day Hike. The trail is the Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail. I rated it moderate because the trail itself overall isn't difficult. The first few miles are real workout for the quads and hamstrings, the... Continue Reading →

New Year New Challenges

When I first started out with this blog I wasn't sure what I wanted it to really be I knew I wanted it to be about hiking and this journey we call life. I do believe it will still be that in the coming year. I have signed on for some new challenges that I... Continue Reading →

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