Rocky Peak Hiking Trail

    Location: Simi Valley, Ca Distance: 5.5 miles Difficulty: Easy/Moderate           This was a last minute excursion thanks to Instagram. I came across this hike while scrolling through my stream, another hiker I follow posted pics of this very pretty hike so I googled mapped it, found out it wasn't... Continue Reading →

1st Day Hike: Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail

Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA Distance: 9 miles Difficulty: Moderate This is my 2nd year doing this Red Rock Canyon 1st Day Hike. The trail is the Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail. I rated it moderate because the trail itself overall isn't difficult. The first few miles are real workout for the quads and hamstrings, the... Continue Reading →

New Year New Challenges

When I first started out with this blog I wasn't sure what I wanted it to really be I knew I wanted it to be about hiking and this journey we call life. I do believe it will still be that in the coming year. I have signed on for some new challenges that I... Continue Reading →

Vasquez Rocks

Location: Vasquez Rocks Distance: 3.5 miles "When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength."     ~Maria Montessori   Usually in our household Sundays are for hiking but exceptions are made for group hikes. I was fortunate to find a group hike at Vasquez Rocks hosted by the facebook group Hiking With... Continue Reading →

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