The more I know you,  the more I feel the pull of your gravity. Changing the trajectory of my reality. Like the big bang or the ice age, making earth it's causality. Changing what was into what needed to be, like universal alchemy. You were the event I didn't know I needed but happened so... Continue Reading →

A Case For Mondays

I’m going to try something new. I am curious by nature and fascinated by the thoughts and opinions of others so on Mondays I will pick a topic give some facts or stats if applicable, express my feelings on the topic and end with some questions to get your input. So first on the list... Continue Reading →


From an early age we are conditioned, to seek confirmation and ask permission. About our lives, our choices, our decisions, which becomes the crutch we use to turn down our passions, quiet our dreams and question our ambitions. We begin to second guess our own intuition, placing more value on the opinions of others who... Continue Reading →

Existentially Speaking

There is no past or future, only here and now. Time is an illusion given form by the roles humanity has placed on it.  Our bodies fragile, fated vessels which hold our infinite beings but for a moment to experience and awaken. Break down barriers of false realities, kill the ego and embrace the connectedness... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Lately I have been feeling like Alice having her existential  conversation with a hookah smoking  caterpillar trying to figure out the answer to the question “Who are You?” And like Alice I am walking around in a wonderland of uncertainty because there were time in my life when I felt secure in who I was,... Continue Reading →

Force of Nature

  Her power is in her presence, her experiences, her words. Would she ask fire not to burn, or the wind not to blow . The Earth not to turn, or the rivers not to flow. Asking herself to shrink is like asking a force to change its nature How can she play small when... Continue Reading →

I Am…

I am responsible for how I show up to the world everyday. It isn't about tomorrow, next month, next's about today and this moment. It's easy to get lost in the worries and unknowns of the future but we can't speak for or control any time but now, this moment and I get to... Continue Reading →

The In Between

No longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly. I'm somewhere in between The lonely space where the hard work of self discovery is done Not knowing what the next phase looks like or when it's set to come. But trusting the process. ~EJ

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