The Four Horsemen of My Apolcalypse

The first found me broken, scared and unsure of who I was and gave me security. With no expectation or judgement gave me a safe place to heal. (Conquest)

The second awakened feelings I did not know could even exist within myself. Once something is discovered it can not be unfound, along with this knowing came chaos and destruction. (War)

The third gave just enough to keep me going never more, sometimes less, forcing me to find the strength in myself. Pushing me closer to who I was becoming. (Famine)

The fourth took everything I had left of who I was, pushed me to the death that led to my resurrection. Still healing but more whole then I have ever been. (Death)

To the men who loved me sometimes more than I deserved, sometimes less but all of it necessary for the evolution of me. Thank you


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