Day 4 Barrier

Barriers are created to give sense of security or safety, even if sometimes false. To hide, to keep unwanted things out or to hold wanted things captive or keep them protected.

My grandmother is one of the most influential people in my life. Growing up she would always remind me how she never finished school and would stress the the value of learning without forcing it, we would play scrabble and she would buy me books always feigning disapproval when I would start and finish books on the hour long car ride home from the bookstore…she is the reason why I love words.

Which is also why after her passing I built a barrier of guilt that I didn’t even realize was there. On the inside I hold close and secret all the memories of lessons she passed down to me and her constant support. The other side of the wall i have built up is the guilt that of all the words I will ever say or write I will never be able to say the words that were left unsaid to my grandmother when she passed. How much I loved her and appreciated her.

So even in her passing I was left with another lesson, to tell those you love, appreciate and who have impacted your life as often and as soon as possible because you never know how much time you have here in this world.

Give people their flowers while they can still smell them

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