May 2020

I wrote this last year, found it in a journal at a time when collectively the energy, was so angry and sad. And to me it felt like we were on a loop of just heavy negativity. It literally felt emotionally draining and I had to stop watching the news and stop engaging in conversations that were unproductive. It was also a very eye opening time that hardened my resolve to show up intentionally as the best version of myself everyday. Made me more aware of how we have the power to bring the energy we choose into the spaces we enter. I work with kids everyday and my biggest worry over the summer was the conversations that were being overheard in their households, or if they were being constantly inundated with the news. I had so many conversations with my own children. While also processing and dealing with very strong emotions around the events that were unfolding. There were a lot of very heavy days, lightened slightly by writing


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