Codependent No More

It is amazing how quickly great teamwork when your married turns into how in the hell did I allow myself to get so codependent on someone.

Every time I think I have a piece of the puzzle figured out I realize there is 10 other pieces to find.

After replacing two sprinkler heads I have finally figured out how to care for my lawn. Trying to refinance the house constantly kept me wondering how I even got on the first home loan, blindly signed papers allowing my significant other to handle it, now has me scrambling to find paperwork and proof of this and that I didn’t even know existed…stupid. And the list sometimes honestly feels endless.

Everyday finding something new I need to learn and slowly pushing through.

Starting over is hard, filling in the gaps of spaces someone else once filled is hard. And sometimes it’s gets overwhelming, sometimes I mess up and make things worse before they get better, sometimes I feel proud because I made it over yet another small hill, I figured it out. But every day I remind myself that every step forward is a step closer to becoming self reliant. Codependent no more!

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