12/28 The Comeback

I am a believer in signs and messages. I hold belief that life lessons can be found in ordinary every day things and situations.

I have been battling with my fears of letting go…

I have this jalapeño plant which produced 5 amazingly, perfect jalapeños and then it’s leaves started dying, like all of them at an alarmingly quick rate that had me wondering what I had done wrong. I figured the whole plant would eventually die.

Something in me said to cut off all the dead parts I figured it couldn’t hurt the plant anymore then it was already struggling and it would stop giving energy to the parts that were no longer serving it, so I did it, I cut off every dead leaf and all that remained was bare branches.

My initial reaction was I had done to much. Days passed and nothing changed. One of my girls asked one day in passing “is it dying?” I shrugged and answered “ I don’t know, I guess we will see”. I kept watering and waiting. Somewhere along the line I stopped paying attention I guess, but today sitting at the dining room table having my morning coffee I look up and she has all these little, new leaves, green and full of life.

So of course I have to call me daughter and tell her to look. To which she reply’s pretty matter of factly “ yep she’s coming back bigger and better.”

Now if that wasn’t a message or the lesson I was in need of. As much as it is hard to let go of what I have grown to accept even it’s not what’s best. The truth is the letting go sometimes is the only way to grow.

I don’t know if anyone else need to hear this but this is my affirmation for the week.

It is time, say that again IT IS TIME to lovingly releasing whatever is no longer serving you so that you can come back bigger and better.

~Happy Monday

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