12/14 I Am Enough

Some truths are harder to digest then others. For me I see the quote “You are enough” I repost it, speak it over my loved ones and even on some viceral, surface level convince myself that I am worthy of the statement too. But the truth of it is deeper then that.

When stripped down to my skin, standing in the mirror staring into my own eyes turning the phrase direct and personal “I am enough” recited repeatedly, I can slowly but very poignantly feel the bubbles in the ocean of my mind contradicting my soul, causing anxiety based on conflicting arguments start to arise.

As they break the surface they bursts into tiny pockets of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, if you are enough then why…? you think you are enough but…

The definition of enough is sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire. So the reality is that in this moment I am exactly what and where I need to be, in this moment I am enough.

Enough will never be an excuse or crutch used to stop growing or evolving into the next version of self.

Enough is not a scale of what should be or could be. Enough is acceptance of what is.

~ EJs

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