11/10 To the Woman Who Wants To Do It All…

You can, you absolutely can do anything you want. You can do all the things that bring you joy, follow all your dreams, try out all your passions and all the work that gets you closer to your goals

With that said it won’t be easy but you will have to be easy on yourself.

It will take time but you will have to be patient with the process

It may get overwhelming but you have to be intentional with your time, prioritizing whats important, letting the things that can wait, wait.

It will be easy to caught up looking at the finish line but you will have to make time for the present and whats in front of you; friends, family, self care, the moments, the memories. None of it will matter in the end of you miss out on the now

To the woman that wants to do it all, you can but it will take balance, grounding, drive and joy. But do all the things!!

Wake up every morning expecting great things to happen

-author unknown

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