11/7 Center and Ground

I like probably most of America went out and voted and have been keeping up with the poll results waiting to see who the next President elect will be.

Today it seems the Biden/Harris is the result and I have scrolled social media seeing all the celebrations and memes made about Trump leaving White House.

For me honestly I’m not sure celebration is in order I understand there are strong feelings in both sides and people have there reasonings behind it. But I am already at the okay you won what’s next part of the show. For me it’s going to be more of a show and prove type situation. I personally feel more anxiety then joy…like what happens now?

Where do we as a country, as communities, as individuals go from here. When do we stop to see each other, I mean really see each other and understand that everyone is struggling to do our best to navigate this world.

This year has let all our skeletons out, aired all our dirty laundry and unmasked some truths that we cannot unsee.

It hasn’t been all bad it has allowed us to reevaluate some things, to find our strength, to support and hold each other up.

I just wonder what happens moving forward? Will something magically change our society as a whole under a new President? I don’t know.

What I do know is that individuals daily we get to chose what we make space for in our lives. Staying grounded and centered in what we can control which is, we we put out in the world. For me I like to use a mantra in the mornings reminding myself that I was given another day on this earth so I owe it to myself and those around me to show up as the best version of myself, understanding how my energy and my actions impact those around me.

So while I cannot say I am ecstatic, I am hopeful but we have work to do and we can’t depend on politicians to do it all for us we have power in ourselves, in our families, in our communities to help heal, build and grow.

Thank for reading my rants and ramblings…how are you feeling today?

Happy Saturday


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