11/6 Get Your House in Order

This past week I have been feeling overwhelmed but it hadn’t been showing up in it what I would consider my normal anxiousness or feeling flustered instead it is manifesting physically I can feel it in my body.

For me this year has been a swinging pendulum of either taking all the shutdowns and chaos as a sign to slow down, disconnect and be present to do all the things…no in between.

This year has by no means been easy but if I am being honest I now appreciate the time that we were kind of forced to stop and just be I am in a constant state of motion it feels so the time gave a break to really sit down and reevaluate some things.

That did not last to long, though I am still home working remotely without PTA and soccer board meetings to attend, Moms taxi service has temporarily been put on hold for school functions, sporting events and friend gatherings. I have still managed to find ways to stay busy…too busy

I work remotely at my full time job, and picked up a part time job, created a Etsy type craft business with my oldest daughter (www.moonjoymarket.com), started a podcast with my brothers (Literally Nothing Podcast) and started back to school (because of the pandemic there was a college through my union that offered their B.A programs for free). So I am clearly in the do all the things phase and I genuinely love all the things I’m doing but the universe is sending me all the signs that how I am doing them isn’t working.

So this week or maybe this month I am going to work on something that has never been a character trait of mine…organization, lol.

Lists, wall calendars & setting boundaries. Wish me luck.

How do you keep your life in order? What is the best tip, hack or you use everyday and would strongly recommend?

Happy Friday!!

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