Grant Me the Serenity

I haven’t really been posting lately cause like most people, well 2020 need I say more. I’ve decide to take back to posting at this point because it seems like a good starting point after two years of separation me and my soon to be ex are finally filling our divorce papers. I don’t know why the thought of this stirs so much emotion and anxiety for me it’s not like it was unexpected. Or that we haven’t been living as such these last couple years. I think I just process change very slowly so when a big change happens it temporarily tilts my world off it’s axis. My mantra for today is “Be Present”. To stay focused on the moments right in front of me and to continue working on moving forward step by step who knows what’s at the top of the staircase all we can do is work towards getting there and face what comes along the way when we get to it.

One thing that 2020 has really hammered home for me with so many people losing so, businesses, family, relationship is how resilient we are as a species and how you never really know who much a person is carrying behind that smile, so to be gentle with each other.

“When you find yourself in the position to help someone be happy, because the universe is answering that persons prayer through you.”

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