Waiting on Me

I went for a walk to clear my mind.

To speak my intentions into the universe.

And there sitting in the road I saw her…

I stopped to ask, why she was sitting there alone?

She simply replied, “I’m waiting.”

Curiously I inquired, “Waiting for what?”

She smiled slightly and explained, “For someone or something to tell me which way to go.”

I laughed and returned, “Why not just choose you own direction?”

Her smile faded and she answered…

“What if I choose wrong?”

“What if I fail?

I thought about her words and then made my counter.

“What if the only wrong choice is believing someone else knows your journey better then you?”

“The biggest failing never trying, therefore never knowing your strength?”

She pondered my words then replied, “You’re my sign received.”

I reciprocated, “And you my intention set.”

Realizing I was witnessing myself.

Revealing that two sides of my whole dwell within.

Both drive and doubt,

intention and insecurity,

confidence and cowardice.

And here we stand in the road…together.






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