Holding Your Peace

Not even sure how many days it has been since the world as we know it shut down. Let me start by saying I am thankful that have a home to shelter-in in, still collect a paycheck and I do not take for granted the health of my immediate family and friends. I appreciate and have empathy for those who are deemed essential personnel and are making sacrifices I couldn’t imagine making.

This time comes with such a mix of emotions so much uncertainty and collective suffering that literally day to day I can veer from happy, healthy and hopeful to worried, anxious and unsure.

So my question is not what do on the good days but what does one do to hold their peace on the hard days.

This are the things i have personally have found help me when I feel overwhelmed.

#1 Take break from the world:  I stop checking social media, reading my news ticker or any other source that is giving up date on whats happening around the world. I know it sounds bad to ignore whats going on but sometimes a break from the death count ticker, reading stories of others anxiety or how poorly this country is treating it marginalized is necessary to keep your own sanity. We are no good to anyone if we aren’t taking care of ourselves

#2 Journaling: I write…I find it therapeutic to get out all the emotions, feeling or thoughts I’m having.  I’m not writing to develop the next great novel or to even make sense, I am writing simply, without judgement to mentally dump and clear my mind which helps calm my soul and gives me space to sit with my feelings in a way that I can better understand and process them.

#3 Channel my energy: Even though your ability to come out of this with a new skill, business or hobby is in no way an indicator of anything. For me finding ways to be productive is calming before all of this I was going all the time so sitting still has been both the best and worst thing for me during this time, if that makes sense. So for the sake filling that need to do, I have picked a few things I have decided to work on during this time.. learning Spanish through Duolingo, learning more about stock investing and taking more time to write (in this hopes of writing a great book one day).


So how are your holding up?  What is helping you keep your peace right now?

Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive…to live now…to have the courage to confront each day. ~Bernie Siegel

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