5 Things To Jump-start Your Monday

As a followup to this weeks  “A Case for Monday” post I am going to give 5 things you can do to start Monday (or any day) on a positive note. I am a converted testifying believer in a strong morning routine but I will plead my case for  that in a future case for Monday post, today I going to challenge you to try a couple little activities to bring you less pain more pleasure at the start of your week.

  1. Get up 20 mins earlier then usual: I know that struggle is already real but setting you alarm just a little earlier and not hitting snooze will give you time to gently wake up, give you a few moments to collect yourself and organize your thoughts for the day.
  2. Smile and say “Thank you”. As you open your eyes and take first that first waking breathe, resist  I repeat resist the urge to moan, complain or curse instead use that first exhale to simply smile and say “thank you”.
  3. 3 Gratitude’s, 1 Goal: After you accepted the day has started, smiled and given thanks take a few minutes to get specific  with that gratitude and write down 3 things you are thankful for and one goal or one thing you want to accomplish this week.
  4. Make your bed: Right there with that small act you have already started your day with the accomplishment of completing your first task for the day.
  5. Have a quick dance break: This is by far my favorite part but I am the type of person to prone to break into random dancing at anytime (with or without music). But that’s neither here nor there. So while your making your bed, brushing teeth or if you choose to give your moves your full attention pick your favorite jam (do people still say that?) and bust a move (or that?). Anyway you know what I mean, my go to songs are Ciaras “Level Up” and Lizzos “Soulmate.

“When you move your body, you change your mind.”-Rachael Hollis

Bonus Tip: 10-20 minute guided mediations are part of my morning routine and this is my current favorite morning listen  “Wake Me Up- Guided morning mindfulness”,  which I listen to it in the Podcasts App.

“Today is a good day, to have a good day.”

What are your morning hacks to help you start your day??



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