I Am…

I am responsible for how I show up to the world everyday.

It isn’t about tomorrow, next month, next year…it’s about today and this moment. It’s easy to get lost in the worries and unknowns of the future but we can’t speak for or control any time but now, this moment and I get to decide no matter what’s going on in this moment how I will show up.

What energy and attitude I will carry into the day and what impact I will make.

I get to decide what steps I will take today to help me grow and improve.

I get to decide if I will view the day as another mundane mediocre day or a day full of magic and opportunity.

It is my responsibility to acknowledge and appreciate all the things I have in this moment to be grateful for.

I am grateful

I am growing and learning

I am capable

I am alive

“I am responsible for how I show up to the world, when I show up to the world.”

~Trent Shelton

~Happy Monday

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