The Journey Is Yours

One of the lessons I learned hiking with my daughters is that on the trail no hikers experience is the same, the experience we have  is unique to each of us. The same is true with life while may travel with others the journey we take is uniquely ours.
On the trail we move at our own speed, sometimes we confidently find ourselves in the lead, or comfortable in the middle, and then there are other times when we may fall behind discovering that some parts of the terrain are hard to traverse, or giving our attentions to distractions or maybe we just need a break. We each have our own expectations, perceptions and motivations. What brings me joy in a hike may not do the same for another. The parts I struggle through another traveler may find easy and vice versa.
In life we are all traveling essentially to the same destination but our journeys  are our own and we travel it at different paces, battling through our own obstacles, climbing or own mountains, celebrating victories, finding what works for us and what we want this adventure to be. If along the way we find a few travel companions to share our stories with, well that just makes the experience even sweeter. 
So whether your hiking the trail or traveling through this life remember the journey is yours so make it good.

~Happy Travels

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