Dear Self, There’s no such thing as too much.

I used to tell myself you can’t be to happy…because I always felt when things were going too good, I was too content or too comfortable that something was bound to go wrong.

And I lived and operated in fear of this notion that there was always an impending pain, struggle or obstacle just beyond my current rainbow.

The core belief in that is still there, life does have a way of throwing you curve balls, some faster and harder then others but everyday you are blessed to see, you are given another opportunity to play the game. There is the chance you may hit the ball out the park, or strikeout. My perspective on the matter has changed though,  I’ve come to believe that  when your too comfortable or content with where you are you develop a tendency to stand still, and you stop pushing yourself.

So life, God or the Universe, whatever you believe in throws in a plot twist to shake things up, in the form or a gently nudge, a swift kick in the ass or a complete hurricane that ransacks everything you thought was true. Not to destroy or crush you but to show you, to shake you, to get you moving again. To teach you the depths of your strength, compassion or love. To guide you towards finding your souls purpose.

I liken it almost to leveling up in a video game…work so hard to navigate obstacles, overcome failures to reach your goal of saving the princess, finding the treasure or whatever the objective of the game is and you are allowed a brief period of celebration before you must move on to the next level with greater challenges, bigger obstacles leading to more significant reward.

The moral of the story is there is no such thing a too much, so when times are good be too happy, enjoy those moments to the fullest, try not to take them for granted and when times are crap because sometimes they will be lean in to it, feel what you need to feel, be gentle with your self, try to find the lesson and remember your leveling up.

Happy Thursday




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