Dear Self, The choice is yours.

Sometimes life is like the perfect Lego set meets a destructive younger sibling… Stay with me for a minute.

Imagine your a kid and you get the lego set you’ve been wanting, then you take the time and effort to put it together. You work hard and follow every instruction to the tee and then the moment comes when you can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, only to have that moment shattered by your little sister who comes in and immediately, with a swiftness that shouldn’t be accessible to someone so young tears apart all you have worked so hard for. And to add to you already visible heartbreak she takes your instruction manual hides it and refuses to give it back. So now instead of blissful enjoyment your sitting there with a bunch or pieces and no instructions…

So you have a choice sit there cry, throw a tantrum, and blame your sister for ruining your life; all which are true and justifiable feelings but won’t change anything, or you can rebuild, restart and maybe even find a way to make it better the next time around.

Sometimes life can be like that, you can have a plan, work hard to execute that plan, follow every instruction to build your career, your relationship, your life and still you get stuff thrown at you that breaks your heart, crushes your spirit, steals your happiness, takes away everything you thought defined you. There are days feel down right impossible, but as painful as life can feel sometimes be the facts are:

Your still here.

It could be worse (trust me it could always be worse).

And whether you ready to make it or not you do have a choice.


Your thoughts during your morning commute

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