Dear Self, Show up for yourself.

Today you woke and needed to hear this, this journey that your on is your life, nobody’s else’s yours so do me a favor and show up for yourself.

So stop waiting for someone else’s approval, acceptance, affirmation or support of choices your making for your life.

Show up for your own cheerleader.

Stop letting family, society, friends or anyone else for that matter shape your vision for your life. Really take time to listen to what is you want your life to look like and include.

Show up for yourself..take the time to figure out what sets your soul on fire.

And please, please, please stop listening to the voices in your head that say you shouldn’t, you couldn’t, you won’t. Find your passions and dreams as small or a big and crazy as they may be and try, can I promise you will succeed at every endeavor you decide to take on…No. However I can assure you that you definitely won’t succeed if you never try.

Show up for only have one shot at this rodeo make the ride exciting.

Fear is boring.

What are you afraid of?

That people will criticize, laugh, judge? So what?? Those aren’t your people, I repeat those aren’t your people. We are all put here with gifts that are meant to be nurtured, grow and shared with the world, you weren’t put here to play small.

Or maybe your afraid that you will fail?

So what??? Is trying and failing the end of the world? Life is about trial and error that is how we learn, how we grow, how we get better. In life you either win or you learn, don’t let fear of the lesson keep you from trying.

So take some time write down the things, ideas, goals, dreams that both excite and scare you and start checking them bad boys off one by one. Trust me one day you’ll thank me.


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