Rocky Peak Hiking Trail



Location: Simi Valley, Ca

Distance: 5.5 miles

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate






This was a last minute excursion thanks to Instagram. I came across this hike while scrolling through my stream, another hiker I follow posted pics of this very pretty hike so I googled mapped it, found out it wasn’t far from home and so our adventure began.

When we do a new hike there are always four things I like to know or figure out pretty quick.

 Parking: This was our first hike were the trailhead was located immediately after getting off of the freeway from the 118 freeway towards Simi Valley you take exit 32 for Rocky Peak Rd. and then once you take the exit, you make a right at the stop sign and your are there, there is a fairly small dirt lot you can park in fits about 10 cars and was full by the time we got there at 9:30. So we instead took a left, went over the overpass and parked along the road there was several cars parked here as well. And then just walked back over the overpass.

Restrooms: There are no restrooms on site for this hike so if your not familiar with this area I suggest adding a pit stop in your google directions to a nearby gas station before you get to the trail.

Parking Fees: I did not see or haven’t read anywhere about a parking pass or fee required to park.

Trail Traffic: There was quite a bit of people on the trail but not to busy or congested and quite a few mountain bikers.

The trail was very well maintained and easily visible, we only passed 1 actual trail marker. There are also quite a few side trails and pathways that take you to see the views.

Oh the views so many wonderful overlooks of the mountains and valleys below. Can one truly ever tire at looking at the mountains? I don’t know about you but I haven’t yet.

This trail also lives up to the “rocky”  part of its name, my youngest loves any hike were she can climb and she certainly got her fill on this hike, lots of wonderful boulders to explore and she even found a cave on our way back down, which I do believe was the highlight of this hike for her.

The weather was nice a little cool and breezy they higher we got.  Our hike ended up being 5.5 miles and took about 3 hrs. but you could definitely make a day of hiking around this area.


For more reviews or information about this trail you can find it at

~Happy Hiking




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