Living the dream

At what age do we decide it’s not okay to dream

To live outside the box, chase passion, be creative, live as we deem.

When did our dreams individually become “The Dream” we should strive for collectively.

Accepting that the key to live successfully resides within a well oiled machine.

Packaged up neatly complete with a users guide aptly named “How to be Happy”

Step one primary school, college, degree.

Step two career, marriage, family.

Step three work 30, retire equals happy.

But if most things in life are not one size fits all,

Why are we so quick to believe,

we should shake, shimmy and squeeze,

Into a life that might just be two sizes to small?

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t chase ‘the dream’.

All I’m saying is make sure the dream your chasing is yours and not what others think it should be.

~An open letter to my daughters.



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