1st Day Hike: Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail

Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA

Distance: 9 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

This is my 2nd year doing this Red Rock Canyon 1st Day Hike. The trail is the Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail. I rated it moderate because the trail itself overall isn’t difficult. The first few miles are real workout for the quads and hamstrings, the hike begins with some pretty intense up hill climbs to get to the ridgeline of the canyon. The girls and I found it challenging but doable we just took our time. The views are expansive and impressive.

This trail is not one that is not a clearly marked as other trails in Red Rock Canyon State Park. Some of it is marked trails, other parts off road vehicle paths, other sections you follow the wash or just walk along the ridgeline. So if your doing this full trail for the first time I suggest going with someone who has done the trail before or making sure you have a trail map/directions.

Once you get down in into the gulch there are tons of slot canyons and hoodoos to explore.

Where this trail starts there are no bathroom facilities but you  can make a quick pitstop a couple miles down the road at the Red Cliffs Trailhead there is restroom and a couple of picnic tables. There is also a mile loop trail there.

Red Rock Canyon has a visitor center located inside the Ricardo Campground area, use the Hagen Canyon Trail turn off to get there.

Nightmare Gulch Loop Trail information at alltrails.com

For more information about Red Rock Canyon State Park you can visit their sight here…

To see more 1st Day Hike photos check out my Instagram post…

~Happy Hiking



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