Vasquez Rocks

Location: Vasquez Rocks img_1791-e1543463702417.jpg

Distance: 3.5 miles

“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.”     ~Maria Montessori


Usually in our household Sundays are for hiking but exceptions are made for group hikes. I was fortunate to find a group hike at Vasquez Rocks hosted by the facebook group Hiking With Friends and jumped on it. Me and the girls have been to Vasquez Rocks a couple times and D4 loves it because there is plenty of really big stuff for her to  climb all over. I like group hikes because they usually take us on trails I’m not familiar with and wouldn’t normally venture to on my own. This was true of this hike it was a beautiful 3.5 mile trek up through and around these impressive rock formation that make up Vasquez Rocks.

It does not cost to park in the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area , there is plenty of parking. They have picnic seating and campgrounds. Bathrooms are available in the Interpretive visitors center and they also have portable bathrooms in the parking lots that are further from the visitor center. There are multiple trails and plenty of areas to explore, they  have a fairly short self guided Geology Trail that is great for learning about the landscape and plants of the area ( I would suggest grabbing a trail map from the interpretive center before doing this trail it gives great information about each station on the trail.)

”The Vasquez Rocks are formations sculpted by 8 to 15 million years of earthquake activity along the Elkhorn fault, an offshoot of the San Andreas Fault. Compressed, folded and tilted as much as 50 degrees, and up to nearly 150 feet high, erosion gradually stripped away soil from around the rocks leaving these ancient and spectacular creations. Course-grained yellowish-gray sandstone beds several feet thick make up these strange jutting and sweeping formations. Shale, basalt, and reddish-brown conglomerate can be found layered between the sandstone slabs.” Info from


img_7394Here’s what my trail buddies thoughts…

D2 (15 yrs old): It was warmer then I thought it would be so but I really like the trails and formations. 4.5/5

D3 (13 yrs old): It was okay, not my favorite though 2/5

D4 (11 yrs. old): Climbing was awesome 5/5


You can find more information about Vasquez Rocks here….


~Happy Hiking

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