Dear self, you have to grow through what you go through.


I love the desert its my home and has my heart. Being by the water calms my mind and bring me peace. But the mountains, well they…they heal my soul.

I’m at a point in my life right now where I find myself struggling to let go, move forward, and forgive. I am starting a whole new chapter in my life, navigating uncharted waters and it scares the crap out of me and I brought all this extra weight with me on the hike last weekend.

A hike I had done all I thought I could to prepare for; I checked the weather, read reviews about the trail, saved directions to and from and still there was things I didn’t account for, like the wind that joined us for the first half of our hike that made an already cold morning that much cooler, and just how steep and challenging some parts of the hike up would be, or  how thin the trail was at certain points especially right before we reached our destination we were literally hugging the side of the mountain and taking the slowest, carefully placed steps possible.

Which made me think no matter how prepared or in control you think you have things sometimes life throws you a curve ball just to mix things up and it’s all about how you adjust. You can allow the unexpected obstacles to distract you, keep you from moving forward or worse allow them to completely change your course. Or you can accept that things aren’t as you expected and move forward anyways. Sometimes that movement maybe very slow and require patience with yourself and others. You might even need to take a break to catch your breath and find your balance. But no matter how slow you move as long as it’s forward you’ll find you are able to rise to meet the challenge, push through your fears and over come obstacles that once felt daunting. I don’t think the trail or journey will always be hard but it won’t always be easy either, sometimes we need a change or a challenge to push us to reach heights we didn’t think we could.   I think it is important to breath through the rough parts, enjoy and be grateful for the easy parts and learn, love and grow through it all.

“The best view come after the hardest climbs.”

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