Big Horn Mine


Location: Valyermo, CA

Distance: 4 miles out-and-back

“I like mountains because they make me feel small,’ Jeff says, “They help me sort out what’s important in life.”

~Mark Obmascik- Halfway to Heaven

Me and the girls have given up our quest for waterfalls until the spring. So I thought an old mine in the side of a mountain might be an interesting sight to see and it was. After approx. 1.75 miles your turn a corner and there it is what remains of the mine tattered and torn but still standing, and very cool.

"Local stories suggest that Charles "Tom" Vincent, a local hard rock miner, hunter, Civil War Veteran, and fugitive from the law, discovered the mine while hunting Big Horn Sheep around 1891. Located on the east flank of Mt. Baden Powell, the Big Horn Mine is considered but many as the most significant of all the Southern California mines. In its heyday, it reportedly produced 3,701 ounces of Gold, 2,430 ounces of Silver and 1,367 pounds of Copper."

The hike itself was a little challenging but completely doable; the girls and I did it no problem and I saw families with little ones and dogs on the trail.
It is a mountain so the way there is up hill so there’s a climb and there are also a few areas of the trail were the path is thin and your hugging the side of mountain but if your careful and take your time it is a small obstacle to overcome.

and very much worth the view at the end.

My hiking buddies had mixed reviews on this hike but here’s what they had to say…

D3 (13 yrs old): 3/5 Liked the views but not a fan of the heights or thinner parts of the trail. (I will say that even though she was a little scared she powered through her fear)

D4 (11 yrs old): 5/5 “The views were great.”

You can find more information about Big Horn Mine Trail at

*Adventure Pass is required for parking at this trail.

~Happy Hiking

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