Eaton Canyon Falls Trail


Location: near Pasadena, Ca

Distance: 3.5 miles out-and-back


“Embrace the pace of your own journey”                                        ~Author unknown     


The girls and I have been chasing waterfalls lately so this weekends ventures lead us to Eaton Canyon Falls. Things that I always take note of at the beginning of each hike is access to bathrooms, parking and I appreciate a visitors center. This trail receives high rankings in all three categories to me. It has  quite a bit of parking right next to the visitors center and an overflow dirt parking lot a little further down. There are  bathrooms in the visitor center as well at portable bathrooms near the start of the trail, which are a plus if you get to the trail earlier then the visitor center opens at 9 a.m. We arrived about 8 a.m. and were able to get parking pretty close, by the time we were leaving about 10 a.m. the lot was full and there were quite a few cars in the overflow parking.  The visitor center was really nice lots of information, nice and knowledgeable staff (because I am always good for at least 1 random question) and interesting exhibits about the local wildlife. No parking pass is required for this trail but you can make a donation in the visitor center if you choose to.


The trail I have mixed feelings about I had read beforehand that the trail is busy on the weekends so I was sort of mentally prepared but not fully, it was good to see so many people out on a Sunday morning enjoying nature don’t get me wrong. For me however, I enjoy a quieter less busy experience when I’m hiking. This trail is located very close to a few neighborhoods and if I lived that close to such a pretty hike I would probably use it frequently to get out and get my exercise. What I really liked about this trail and what will probably lead me to go back is at a certain point in the trail you have to go down and under a bridge to get to the waterfall but if you chose to walk up towards the bridge you can venture off in either direction and it will start you on another trail if you cross the bridge you can do the 5.48 mile Altadena Crest Trail, and I didn’t think to see what the name of the other was but it goes up and around the mountain.

I had read other reviews before and I have to agree you can tell this trail is used a lot by people walking their dogs so watch your step. Overall I enjoyed this trail and would recommend this in the spring if possible after a good rain to see a fuller waterfall but it was a pretty sight nonetheless.

Here’s what my hiking buddies thoughts:


D2( age 15) ” I really like the waterfall but the day got hot towards the end” 4.7/5

D3 (age 13) “Pretty but do this hike when the waterfall is fuller” 3/5

D4 (age 11) “Liked it because of the waterfall, thought it was a little bit warm and not enough shade” 4/5


You can find more information about this trail here…

~Happy Hiking

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