Fossil Falls


Location: Lone Pine, CA

Distance: 0.5 miles out and back

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves.” -Stephen Moss


Even though this trail is really short only 1/2 mile from the parking to the “falls”, you can easily get in a couple miles of exploring in around the impressive black lava falls.  Fossil Falls which isn’t home to any fossils or waterfalls gets its name in reference to the large fissure in the earth that the 1/2 mile trail leads to, the rough but seemingly flat terrain abruptly opens to a large chasm in the earth giving way to the black lava falls which was created by the rushing waters of the Owens River coming into contact and cooling the lava that poured from nearby volcanoes. The pictures I took couldn’t grasp the depth or width of it and don’t do it justice it is certainly something you would have to see for yourself and I think is worth the stop if you happen to be traveling through the Mojave Desert via the 395.


This falls are relatively close to home for us, so the girls and I  have visited this spot a few times over the last year. My youngest loves to climb so this spot is one of her favorites.


My one piece of advice for this adventure is there is a lot of open desert around the falls so we have seen our fair share of lizards, rabbits and there was that one time we spotted a snake so I suggest being aware and paying attention to your surroundings and where your stepping . I would also suggest wearing long socks and pants.

Here is what my hiking buddies have to say about it:


D3 (13 yrs old) ” I like the rocks”

D4 (11 yrs old) ” I like being able to climb and the animals”


You can get more information about Fossil Falls here…


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