Thoughts from the trail…Beautiful Flaws and All

I’m thinking about adding a weekly post just about the randoms thoughts and ideas that pop into my head as I’m out on weekend walks, I keep a hiking Image-1journal in my pack with me and I will write down what I’m feeling and thinking usually after my hike because my hiking buddies a.k.a my daughters aren’t the most patient or reflective hiking partners…just yet so most of our hikes are at their pace and I am okay with that.


So this past weekend we hiked around Fossil Falls, I will doing a post about this trail tomorrow but here are my thoughts from the trail…

As human beings, to me it seems like we spend so much energy trying to hide our flaws, mistakes, broken and hard parts. Trying to present only what we feel are the best and prettiest parts of ourselves. Maybe it’s fear of not truly being accepted, not wanting to burden anyone else or something else or maybe it’s just me… I’m not sure, but one thing that I love about nature is that it doesn’t have this luxury. It has no choice but to be unapologetically  real; it doesn’t have the ability to hide its flaws. For me the more I look the more I realize that the cracked, rough, sometimes burned or broken parts all make up part of the beautiful tapestry of the landscape and its the same for people its all part of the story and there is beauty in all of it.

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