Bonita Falls Trail



Location:  Lyte Creek, California

Distance: 1.5 mile out and back trail


“The earth has music for those who listen”




Living in the desert any trail or hike that includes water in some way is an exciting for the girls and I, don’t get me wrong we love the desert and the majority of our hikes are through some dry landscape of some sort… but there is just something about the sound and sight of running water. This trail is currently in my Top Five Favorite hikes.

Before we even made it to the trail there were a few things that caught my attention and I think are worth pointing out. First right after you get off the freeway there is a couple gas stations and fast food restaurants which was great for us, being that we had been on the road for an hour and a half. So we stopped at the Am/Pm stretched our legs,  grabbed a couple snacks and and picked up our Adventure Day parking pass for $5.

IMG_6670 (1)

Then a few miles further down the road is the Ranger Station we used this as out last potty stop before the trail. Also picked up a couple maps and you could also purchase your day pass here.

Clearly for our family the journey is just as important as the destination but once we were all set and ready to finally get to the trail we loaded back in the van and traveled a couple more miles up the road. Parking for this trail is one of 2 turnouts on the side of the road by 9 a.m. both parking areas already had quite a few cars in them.

This trail started out almost like a treasure hunt to find the trailhead. First down and across the creek….


…then continue straight across a rock filled wash…


… And then you stay to the right of the wash and walk west for half a mile to get to the trailhead. For us it’s a good thing my 11 yr. old daughter is good with that sort of thing and was able to get us going in the right direction, well that is after a slight detour in the wrong direction thanks to yours truly. From there the rest of the trail was up the mountain lots of shade and couple of areas you could stop and enjoy the stream that was flowing down the mountain.


And then of course the waterfall at the end is definitely the cherry on top. Here’s what my trail buddies had to say:


D3 (age 13)  “A lot of color and a beautiful waterfall… and bring extra socks” 5/5

D4 (age 11) “I love it, the waterfall was amazing” 5/5

You can find more information about Bonita Falls here…

~Happy Hiking




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