Devils Punchbowl Loop Trail


Location: Pearblossom, CA

Trail: 1 mile loop

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit”

           ~Edward Abbey


Me and the  girls have hiked quite a bit over the last year but I will start with the hike we did just this past week because it is fresh in my mind. The  Devils Punchbowl Trail is located in Pearblossom, CA. This trail is only a mile loop but don’t let the short distance fool you this morning stroll packs a little punch. A great fall-early spring hike because their isn’t much shade and this area in the summer can be brutal with temperatures easily reaching over 100 degrees. The hike takes you down into the “punchbowl” so there is a bit of incline on the way back up (what goes down must come up in this case) but it is not a real difficult climb in my opinion and all three of my daughters ages 15, 13 and 11 did it no problem.  We did take a couple quick water breaks.

The draw of this hike would definitely be the interesting rock formations which are a sedimentary rock formed by deposits from the surrounding mountains carried down by water over time and uplifted by the shifting of the earth because of proximity to major fault lines.

IMG_6240IMG_6248 (1)IMG_6219 (1)

I was really pleasantly surprised at how interesting I found this hike and another good thing about this location is that if you are in the mood for a longer hike you can also do the Devils Chair Trail which is approx. 7 miles out and back

So I couldn’t end without giving the thoughts of my trail partners, my hiking squad if you will, my amazing (yes I’m biased) daughters who humor their mom and hit the trails with me….


D2 (age 15):” I liked it. I didn’t like the height sometimes though” 4.7/5

D3 (age 13): “Confusing with cool views” 3/5

D4 (age11): ” Its was fun just some more snack” 4/5


You can find more information Devils Punchbowl Loop Trail here…

                                                                                                       ~Happy Hiking


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