Top 10 Hiking Essentials

I’m sure on any given hike I stuff a lot more then just the items I’m going to list but these 15 things you will always find on me when I’m hiking.


1. Hydration pack: I carry one every hike long or short because it serves dual purpose stores my water and carries all my extras for the day. I currently carry a Teton Oasis 1100. D2 and D3 carry Coleman Revel 8L and D4 carries a Camelbak Mini Mule

2. First Aid Kit

3. Snacks: The girls might argue with me that snacks should hold the #1 spot. Our snacks usually include trail mix, granolas bars, nuts, and/or pb&j sandwiches.

4. Chapstick

5. Hiking journal: I like to keep it with me in case I get a chance to jot down my thoughts.

6. Hand Wipes/Camp soap sheets

7. Light: I usually carry a headlamp and small flashlight

8. Paracord Bracelet

9. Advil

10. Small pocket knife


I’m new to hiking so I would love some feedback on what other must haves I should carry? What do you carry with you whenever you hike?




3 thoughts on “Top 10 Hiking Essentials

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  1. Well I do something a little different I dont do day trips but sometimes I do but I always prepare myself so if something happens I can stay a night in an emergency I carry a emergency blanket 3 ways to start a fire food rations And a way to purify water rather that is Water purification tablets a filter or a small cup or pan to boil water I also carry a knife or gun for not only Protection but also for food

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