I hear you, I see you, I feel you, I understand you, But... ..is the precursor to a lack of and unwillingness to truly understand. ...is a segue to turn the conversation back to a lane you are comfortable maneuvering. ...is a way to re-shift focus and deflect responsibility. But Attempts to explain away truths,... Continue Reading →

Lessons From the Moon

We have the power and strength to control the tides. All the phases are necessary and hold their own beauty. Our flaws are part of what makes us whole and unique. Sometimes we need to be alone and our absence needs to be felt. You’re able to shine brightly and still give others room to... Continue Reading →

Music Makes it Better

Feeling a little blah? Research has shown that music.. makes you happier, reduces stress helps you sleep better. So I am suggesting/challenging/inviting you this week to make a "Positive Vibes Only" playlist, have your own dance party to get that good energy flowing to start your week right. A couple of my favorites right now... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Things

She is snow capped mountains. The soaring bird. An unforgiving breeze. She is barren desert. The empty tree. And every fallen leaf. She is life awakened. The changing seasons. Wildflowers blooming in spring She is separate and connected. She is I and I am she. ~E.J.

Trying new things

I’ve seen this meme circulating in a few variations. This one however resonated with me because I am home with my kids who are older and more independent so I have time so I have been toying with a few different things and have narrowed it down to 4 things. Coming out of this quarantine... Continue Reading →


Emotions make things feel real complicated but it’s really quite simple. We were to each other what we need to be, until we no longer needed to be. And then we weren’t. ~EJ

Are the Kids Alright?

It was a Tuesday night 7 p.m,  I receive a text from my oldest who lives an hour away where she is working and finishing up her senior year in college, saying 'Mom, what should I do I'm just so sad right now, I can't stand being here?". Immediately, and admittedly not my proudest moment... Continue Reading →

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